Three Choirs Vineyards pride ourselves on our range of award winning English wines, real ales and ciders

One of England's best known vineyards, our single estate location in the idylic Cotswolds provides a unique microclimate for growing a range of perfectly developed grapes, which are then carefully vinted with both scientific dedication to controlled circumstances and a master vintner's eye to developing the fullest flavour.

Also nestled within the estate is the Whittingtons Brewery, where we produce a range of real ales and high quality ciders.

Why not visit - we aim to offer an enjoyable experience for both wine enthusiasts and those just looking for a wonderful day out.


Whittingtons Brewery was established in early 2003 as part of the Three Choirs Vineyards estate. The brewery is named after one of Gloucestershire's most famous sons, Dick Whittington. Legend has it that Dick was born in the hamlet of Pauntley, near to the site of the vineyard, and lived in nearby Gloucester before embarking on his adventurous life in London. Our beer names concentrate on Whittington's cat, Puss, who became as famous as Dick Whittington himself!

Whittingtons is a five-barrel brew plant, which is one of the smaller brewery sizes. A full mash tun method is used to brew our three beers: a 3.6% ABV 'session' ale, a richer 4.2% ABV premium beer and our seasonal pale ale.

Only locally sourced hops are used, with First Gold being the primary hop variety. Traditional English malts are a vital ingredient at Whittingtons, and our head brewer has selected the Maris Otter variety as the best base for our beers.

The use of these natural ingredients is in keeping with the classic image of Great British Beer, and here at Whittingtons we uphold the traditional methods of brewing, which give our beers a flavoursome, rich hoppy character.

Whittingtons is proud to be associated with SIBA, The Society of Independent Brewers.

SIBA is not in the business to make money for itself - it is to help brewers sell more beer whilst giving you, the consumer, a wider choice of beer with the unbeatable quality that you deserve.

Barrel of Real Ale

A beer lovers dream come true, their own 9 pint barrel of Real Ale.

This is the perfect gift for you or indeed any Real Ale lover.

Our Flagship beer, and one that has been with us since the brewery's inception, has an established local following. It is a bright, medium-bodied beer, with a gentle sparkle and delivers a rich hop flavour to give a refreshing and characterful pint. This tawny coloured ale is 4.5%abv.

This is a genuine Real Ale and as such has a shelf life of 6 weeks, you must store it in a cool place until opened.

Price includes delivery